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How can I import data into to the Qlaqs Cloud?

If you have records from other time tracking software, you can import them here.

In the Lite version only the import of 5 customers, projects and activities is possible. If you want to import multiple records at once, get the Pro version now!​

1. Click on the gear   to the top right.

2. Click Settings.

3. Under the heading “Import” Click on “Import Master Data”.

4.Click on the plus button and select if you want to import customers, projects or tasks.


First, import your customers, then projects and finally the tasks. The assignment of projects to customers and tasks to projects can only take place if the parent entry already exists. For example, there is a column “project name” in the tasks file, the activity is then assigned to this project. You can also import all 3 files at the same time, then the system transfers the assignment for you!


6. Click on the folders and select the appropriate CSV or Excel files.

7. Click import.

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