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I don’t want my employees to see the working times and projects of their co-workers. How can I adjust that?

So that not every user of your Qlaqs cloud domain has access to all data and working times, we offer you a comfortable system of permissions and roles. Choose from 4 pre-configured roles (administrator, manager, employee, client) or define individual roles.

So that your employees can only see their own entries, please choose the role “Employee”. An employee is only allowed to track and edit working times for projects that have been assigned to him. He can creaete, view and edit his own time entries but he isn´t allowed to see the time entries of his coworkers.

Proceed like this: Go to the “Administration” area and click on “user”. The list of all your employees will be displayed. In the second column from the right with the title “Role” you can find the current role of your employee. You can also change it directly in this view.

You can find an instruction about how to create and assign individual roles here.

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