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Can I create a general task and assign it to different projects?

Unfortunately this isn´t possible with your iPhone app. Particular tasks are there always assigned to a particular project. But there are two possibilities to meet your requirements:

  1. Create a project as master copy on your iPhone

The Timesheet App offers you several possibilities to create a project with assigned tasks and to copy it with all its connected tasks (have a look at the screenshot “duplicate”).

A new project has been created and can be renamed. All tasks that have been connected with the master copy project are now also assigned to the created project. Of course you can also copy every other project with its assigned tasks.

  1.  Task templates in your Qlaqs WebCenter

If you are using the Timesheet Cloud with the Qlaqs WebCenter and the smartphone sync to track your working times, you can use the task template function of the website (Qlaqs WebCenter). You cand find the Qlaqs WebCenter here:

While creating a new task you can save it as “template”. Now this task template is available to every project as possible task. You just need to assign the task template to the project in your Qlaqs WebCenter.

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