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Do I have to create new tasks for every project?

Basically there is no need to create recurring tasks like e.g. activity types (call, html development, cleaning) separately for each project. Recently you have the posiibility to create tasks without assigning them to projects. You can add these tasks to every time entry, independent from its´ project. This feature will save you time and energy. You can work with different hourly rates and this feature makes reporting a lot easier.

​Create simply a new task, e.g. “call” and do not assign it to a project.

If you create a new working time you can now book it on this task and assign it to any of your projects.

In the working time-creation-mask all “free” tasks are displayed as well as all tasks assigned to the selected project. This works in the same way in your iPhone, iPad and Android Apps.

As ever you can also create tasks as decided duties of a project, like e.g. call with Mr. Smith, HTML development new homepage or cleaning front garden. A task here always belongs to one specific project so that you have a proof of the settlemment of the task and you´ll not forget any task. 

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