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Leave days

How can I track absences?

You can track and view all your absences here. Before you can get started you (or the administrator of your account) need to select a project in the settings on which abscences can be booked. After that you just need to click on any date and enter the period of your absence. Leave days are displayed in green and sick days in yellow. Half leave days are only half colored.

To define the projects to book your absences on, click on the button “setttings” bottom right…

… and assign projects accordingly.

Absences cannot be booked on days that haven´t been identified in the settings as working days.

If your are using Timesheet Cloud as a team and you have administration rights, you can equally book and view abscences for / of your team members. With the blue button top left you can switch between team members.

To book absences click on the starting date of the intended absence and enter the period of your absence - done!

By clicking on the green field you can also select half leave or sick days. In that case only half of the field is colored. 

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