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What does the beta badge mean?

You can find this beta badge on several spots in the Timesheet Cloud.  This badge marks new features, that are currently in the beta state. Beta state means a certain kind of test state. During this test state you have the chance to profit from these new functions without any additional costs. The beta state will last approximately until mid 2019. After that these functions will only be available in the Timesheet Business Edition.

But for all our Pro clients and the ones becoming one before the end of the year we have a special gift. They can profit from these new features also after the beta phase for free during their chosen runtime, means either during one month, one quarter, one year or two years. Profite from this possibility and sign up now for a pro account.

How to use these new functions

How can I track absences?

Known problems:

- The calculation of the working time account is not properly working for multiple employees, the number is only correct per user.

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