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What´s the meaning of the orange buttons in front of my entries and what´s their function?

In front of your entries (working times, customers, projects and tasks) you can find the following symbols:  

By clicking on the edit symbol   you can switch to the details of working times, customer-, project- and task entries to edit them. 

Via the delete symbol   you can delete existing entries.

With the tag symbol   you have the possibilitiy to assign your entries to certain tags to find them a lot faster with our search function. 

In front of your project and task entries you can find in addition to the three symbols an e-mail symbol . With a click on it you can send easy and comfortable an e-mail to all user assigned to the project or task.

Durch Klick auf dasselbe kannst Du ganz bequem und einfach eine E-Mail an alle dem Projekt bzw. der Tätigkeit zugeordneten Benutzer schreiben.

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