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Tips & Tricks around Qlaqs Cloud

This video will give you several tricks to the Timesheet Clouds’ handling:

For Starters:

  1. Create comfortable and easy new projects or tasks via our quick log

One of the fastest ways to track a new working time is the quick log in the “journal” view.

If you enter a new project in the quick log , you will see the option “create this project”. If you choose this option your entered project will be created automatically.

  1. Edit ongoing time entries

You can edit ongoing time entries at any time without stopping it first.  Just click on “edit working time”. There you can edit your start and / or end time and your notice. Your working time keeps running with the changed data.

Additional tip: Ongoing working times can be stopped via the stop button  in your working times list in the journal view.

  1. Edit terminated working times

You booked your working time by mistake on the wrong project? No problem!

Choose the entry you need to edit from your list and click on the orange edit symbol  next to it.  You can edit your working time in the following screen - done!

  1. Track several working times at the same time

One special feature of the Timesheet Cloud is that you can track several working times at the same time. Therefore use the play button in the working times list of the journal view.

You can also configure that a new working time will stop an ongoing one. Therefore call up the settings of the Qlaqs WebCenter and activate the option “Stop running working times upon starting new one”.

  1. Find working times a lot faster by tagging

To find certain working times even faster you can tag them. Choose the concerning working times and click on the button “+ tags”. 

If you now enter the given tag in the search mask only working times with this tag will be displayed. 

To find these entries in the future even faster you can save this search as filter settings via the “save/load filter” button.

Additional tip: Tag your most used working times, enter this tag in the search mask and save it as filter. Now you will find your most used working times a lot faster and you can use them as sample for new ones.

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