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Cloud and synchronisation, what is it and how does it work?

Beside the android and iOS Timesheet Apps FINARX also offers a web-based possibility to track working times, the Timesheet Cloud.

With the Qlaqs WebCenter you can create, edit and delete working times. You can also create and manage master data, like e.g. customers, projects or tasks. Have a look:

But Timesheet Cloud offers you a lot more!

  1. Backup: You can save the working times, tracked with your smartphone (timesheet app) in the Timesheet Cloud.
  2. Synchronisation: With the help of Timesheet Cloud you can access your working times with several devices, like iPhone, iPad, android smartphone and pc. Due to the synchronisation your data are always available on all your devices!

How this works?  Quite simply!

To profite from the possibilities of Timesheet Cloud you need to register for it first. During registration process you will assign login data (client, user, password). With them you can login to our Qlaqs WebCenter.  During 30 days you can profit from the pro version of Timesheet Cloud without any charges. At the end of this free trial period your account will be downgraded to the free lite version. This implicates restrictions on the function range. You can find all necessary information here.

To access your working times, tracked with your smartphone also with your pc, please follow the upcoming steps:

For iPhone:

  1. Open your timesheet app on your smartphone
  2. Click on “synchronisation” on the apps homescreen
  3. Click on “connect”

  1. Enter the login data you assigned during registration at Timesheet Cloud
  2. Click on “synchronisation”

 Now you will see a tutorial explaining the different views of the app. You can switch between views (all data, only local data or only cloud data) by tapping on the coloured bar on top.

You need to copy your local data (working times that have allready been on your smartphone) uniquely to the cloud. Therefore please follow the upcoming steps:

  1. Click on “Database Backup” on the apps homescreen

  1. Click now on “Local Data - Cloud” under the title “Sync. with Timesheet Server”

 Done! Now your working times are available on your smartphone as well as in the Qlaqs WebCenter!

Please pay attention that you book future working times only in the orange view “Only Cloud Data” and only on cloud projects (identified with a little grey cloud). Only like this your data will be synchronised automatically and they will be available also on the Qlaqs WebCenter.

For android:

  1. Open your timesheet app
  2. Go to the settings of the app via the menu button and click on “Timesheet Cloud Server”
  3. Push the “+” symbol
  4. Enter the login data you assigned during registration at Timesheet Cloud. The URL will be completed automatically.
  5. Click on „Done“

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